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How to choose a nice font to create text in TikTok

To give originality and effect to the video in Tik Tok, you can write captions. Nice interesting options will not only draw attention to the video but will also inspire the viewer to view your video. But the app only offers standard letters. Therefore, it is better to download the application for beautiful fonts for TikTok. With making your video more appealing, consider to buy TikTok followers to get more eyes.



The font is a set of characters of the same style. Their history goes back millions of years. Since people started using styles to express their thoughts, a lot of letter options have appeared. Today they are used in web space, printing, advertising, and other fields.

Fonts provide a comfortable reading experience, highlighting individual elements, forming a page concept.

 Depending on the destination, these are:

  • Text – easy to read.
  • Title – used in the preparation of titles, so they are mainly large.
  • Western – contains unusual characters with a unique artistic solution. Their main task is to attract attention.

 Depending on nature and graphic style, fonts are generally divided into:

  • Chopped – low contrast with the absence of serifs. The symbols in this group have a similar width; appear clearly in both large and small sizes. Most of the time, they are used in the design of Web pages.
  • Medial – characterized by moderate contrast with small serifs. The letters are round in shape, and they have a mainly inclined axis.
  • Square – low contrast, resembling a parallelepiped with characteristic thickened notches. A feature of such a font was a smooth transition from thick lines to thin lines with a slight roundness. They, in turn, are divided into ancient, modern, Egyptian.
  • Ordinary with pronounced contrast and even serifs combined with the main elements perpendicularly.
  • New low contrast – differs by rounded edges. They are used by printers for magazines or other print media with large, voluminous text.

How to add text

When creating videos, you may need to focus on something or report information without using a voice. To do this, the application offers the possibility of adding subtitles to the video.

It suffices only:

  • Click on the “Aa” button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Enter the prepared text. At this stage, you can choose the location of the inscription, its size, its color. Several font options are available here – printed, handwritten, classic, supplemented with neon lights.

 Text creation in TikTok

  • On the sides of the frame where the letters are entered, there are icons. Using the arrows, you can drag the banner anywhere on the screen. A pencil is required for editing. Using the clock, the text display interval is selected. When you click on the cross, the entry is deleted.
  • The chronology indicates the period during which the letters are displayed.
  • When finished, click the ‘Done’ button.

What creators Need to Know

When writing text in the application, only 4 types of standard letters are available. But to make the video spectacular, it may not be enough. Therefore, users create beautiful fonts for TikTok using special programs. The sentences entered in such an application are simply copied and pasted into Tik Tok. All these tips and tricks will not work if you have a handful of followers and views on your videos. The safest way to increase your likes and views, buy TikTok likes and views.