How to make yourself throw up when you feel sick

Making oneself throw up forcefully, doesn’t it sound disgusting? It can never be a pleasurable experience. Natural vomiting alone is very gross. If we talk about self-induced vomit, it gets to another level of gross. No one would ever want to force themselves to vomit, but sometimes they think it to be the best solution. Some people who have overeating habits think that after they ate enough food, they can force themselves to vomit to get rid of any extra food in their bellies. Not only that, some people actually think that inducing a vomit will help them reduce their weight. For these reasons, people make themselves puke intentionally.

However, if we discuss about the drawbacks of puking intentionally, there are quite a lot. If you have a natural vomit, you cannot help it. But if you are self-inducing a vomit, you are exposing your body to a lot of dangers. Forcing a vomit means you are probably putting your health at stake.

Various ways to induce a vomit

Sometimes in cases where you are feeling sick and you think that after vomiting you are probably going to feel better, you can use various ways to induce a vomit. If we talk about how to throw up, there are a couple of ways. If one way does not work for you, you can choose another way that works best for you. Let’s have a look at these methods.

induce a vomit

induce a vomit

Think about throwing up

Sometimes having thoughts about vomiting can also make you want to vomit. If you continuously think about it, it will send signals to your mind and you will throw up. Moreover, have visuals in your mind about someone else throwing up and make yourself completely focus onto it. You will start to have feelings of nausea and will vomit in some time.

Smell or see something bad

This is one known way to induce vomiting. If you smell something very bad or dirty like garbage, any animal’s poop, you will want to throw up in even less than seconds. Apart from that if you see something gross, chances are that you will also induce a vomit.

Use a finger

If you don’t want to smell or even see something gross, you can try out this technique. This method is very simple. All you have to do is to sit in a comfortable position. The most convenient position is to sit on your knees and insert a finger down your throat. Your finger should reach the back of your tongue. Move it in a backward and forward motion until gag starts to build up. After that, you will start to feel nauseous and you will ultimately throw up.

throwing up

throwing up

Salty water 

Another very well working technique involves drinking the salty water. Mix some salt into a glass a water and drink it. Who can feel good after drinking salty water? No one. This will definitely work for everyone. The salty mixture will induce vomit within no time.