Dave Chappelle’s net worth in 2018: How much is Dave fortune?

Dave Chappelle is famous as stand-up comedian and actor who got the utmost success in the world of entertainment. Dave has also worked as a producer and a writer in the film industry. His career choice comes as an utmost surprise to his parents as they work as educationists. Although, they supported his son that has led him to become a successful and richest comedian in the world. Now, he is enjoying his financial success with a whopping net worth of $42 million. His fans want to know how he becomes so affluent. In this post, we will discuss Dave Chappelle’s net worth and the reason behind his financial success.

Early life and education:

Dave had a great interest in comic books when he was the child. His interest in comedy has led him to learn it from his early age. He was born in Washington D.C. but after their parents’ divorce, he moved to another city with his mother. He used to meet his father at his house on weekend. He got admission in Woodlin Elementary School. Later, he completed his graduation in theatre arts from Duke Ellington School of the Arts.


Dave Chappelle started his career from theatre as a comedian. But later, he entered in the film and TV industry and appeared in many movies as an actor. His first movie was released in 1993 in which he played the role of ‘Ahnchoo’ that got huge success. In the year 1996, he was the part of the blockbuster movie “The Nutty Professor”. His other hit movies are “Con Air”, “Half-Baked”, “Blue Streak” and “Undercover Brother”. He also appeared on “Comic Relief VI” which was aired on HBO. He was the youngest comedian who has appeared on HBO comic show in 1994 as he was just 19 years old teenager. During the years 2003-2006, he got his own show named ‘Chappelle’s show’ on the comedy central. But he was not happy with the direction of this show and he left the show in the third season. He remained out of the limelight for many years and after seven years he appeared at the comedy cellar in New York City.

Net worth:

Dave Chappelle’s net worth in the year 2018 is $42 million and his latest deal with Netflix of whopping $60 million. He has been a great source of joy and laughter on TV since 2002 as Chappelle’s show was his greatest credit in the comedy circuits. When he debuted his comedy career, he was paid $5 million per season in the year 2005 for his TV show. The man who was booed off stage becomes the richest comedian of the world. His acting career also helped him to get this ludicrous net worth as his debut movie alone made $129 million in the year 1993.


Dave Chappelle’s net worth is becoming humongous day by day as he has also signed a deal with Netflix too apart from his acting and comedian work. He will deliver 3 stand-up comedy special for $60 million. It the biggest deal ever paid to any comedian in the world for any medium.