5 things to keep in mind while designing thumbnail for maximum views

Do you want to entice your YouTube Subscribers to get more views? No need to worry anymore because YouTube added a new wrinkle to the features by adding Thumbnail. So what is Thumbnail? It aids in the appearance of videos on the Search box of YouTube in the form of small images. With the help of thumbnail, you can extend your viewers.

The appealing thumbnail is directly proportional to the maximum views.

I jotted down a few techniques to make a jaw-dropping thumbnail.

  • Use appropriate pictures

Always keep it in mind, people never attract to crap content. So keep your thumbnails relevant to your video. Because irrelevant thumbnails will cause discomfort for viewers, and in return your views will decline instead of increasing.

To keep the Thumbnail relevant, use pictures from the video, use still-shot from the content, or customize the thumbnail. When the views increase, the number of comments and likes on your content will also extend.

  • Color selection

Does the color selection of a Thumbnail matter? Yes, it matters a lot. As it attracts the attention of the audience and compels them to like the video. There are some points that you should consider for selecting the color combination of your thumbnail. Because color selection plays a vital role in amplifying the engagement of video, so don’t neglect it.

  • Try to use colors that enhance the readability of the content as this will attract the attention of the audience at first sight.
  • Use bold colors as they catch the gaze of viewers. So, this will also extend your views on YouTube videos.
  • Use the white space wisely

White space is an enormous opportunity to amplify your viewers by working elegantly. Use this space with the help of graphic pictures.  Because it will make your thumbnail appear more clean and organized and draw the viewer’s eye a split second faster.

  • Comprehensible text

Mostly people face the reading issue while seeing the Thumbnail. Because blurry text will create difficulty for them, they won’t be able to read the text. This will not only decline the viewers but also your work-quality.

To correct this error, try to increase the size of the text in the image so that people face no difficulty in understanding the text.

  • Use face close-up eye contact picture

You know this is human psychology that they attract towards eye contact pictures more compared to others. So, while making thumbnail try to use human close-up face of making eye-contact with the subscribers. By using this feature, you can amplify your viewers within no time.

An ultimate word:

In a nutshell, a thumbnail is similar to the cover of the book for your YouTube video. It will make your first impression good or bad depending upon the quality of a thumbnail. Firstly, make sure it accurately portrays your content. And last but not least try to set an impressive title for a great thumbnail.

And keep working hard to get on the top of the list. Because when you use hacks you wait for an instant fix of shortcuts, but outcomes are commensurate. So, play long games and get ample rewards.