Step by step guide to use Instagram easy and simple

Instagram is rapidly gaining popularity among the social media users around the globe. With its rising number of users, Instagram will gradually make it to the most popularly used social media sites.

Instagram is a means of connecting people from around the globe in a virtual community where everyone can freely share their thoughts, feelings and experiences. If you are not already an active Instagram user, it is about time to make your account too. To help you through the process, consult the following step by step guide and gain popularity through the platform.

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Step 1: set up your Instagram account

  • Download the application : You will find the application in the device’s app marketplace. Once you have downloaded the application, open it by clicking on its icon.
  • Create your account: To do this, click the ‘sign up’ option at the bottom of the screen. Here, add the username you want to use, a password and your phone number. Once this is done, you will have the option to set up your profile. You should also add a bit about yourself in the ‘About’ section. If you already have an account, you need to sign up when the application opens.
  • Select friends you want to follow: You will now have the opportunity of finding friends from your contact list, Twitter or Facebook accounts. You can also manually search for accounts of your friends. To do this, you also need to provide Instagram your account information. Once you have found your friends, you can follow them by selecting the ‘follow’ option. Doing this will allow you to see their posts on your ‘Home’ page. You can also add and follow friends later.
  • You can then proceed to your ‘home’ page

Step 2: using Instagram tabs

  • Use the home tab at the bottom of the screen: Over here, you will see posts from the people you follow. You can select the ‘+’ icon in the top left corner to add anything to your story. Your story will be visible to all your followers. The delta symbol in the top right corner of the home page will show all direct messages you have received.
  • Use the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen: This icon will lead you to the search page. You can look up keywords or accounts by typing the ‘search’ bar. Celebrity Instagram Stories will appear automatically below the ‘Search’ bar.
  • Use the heart icon to see your activity: All your in-application notifications, such as likes to your posts, will appear over here.
  • Use the account icon (a person shaped icon) at the bottom of the page: This icon will open up your profile. From here you can add new friends (using the ‘+’ icon), open Instagram options (by clicking the icon with three horizontal bars and then the gear icon), and you can edit your profile, change your profile picture or information (by clicking the ‘edit profile icon’)
  • You can return to the ‘Home’ page by clicking the house-shaped icon.

Step 3: posting photos and videos on Instagram

  1. Select the ‘+’ button at the bottom of the screen to post pictures. These can be from the camera roll –by clicking the library option –or you can take pictures using the in-application camera –photo option – or make a video by selecting the video option.
  2. Select a photo or video, or post an existing one. To take a photo or make a video form the in-app camera, you need to click the circular button at the bottom. To post an existing photo you need to click on ‘next’.
  3. You can also edit the photo or video. There are also Instagram filters that you can use. Adding a caption from the ‘write a caption’ box is also possible.
  4. Use the remaining options as well. You can tag people (‘tag people’ icon) or add a location (‘add location icon’). To add a location, you must have allowed Instagram to access your location services.
  5. All you need to do now is tap the ‘share’ option in the top right corner of the screen. With that, you will have posted a photo or video on your ‘Home’ page.

Now your Instagram is all set up and you are ready to use your profile as a proficient Instagram user.

5 Facts about Nicole Tuck DJ Khaled’s Wife

DJ Khaled is the acclaimed musician and he won the heart of the millions around the world. But most of the people don’t know his partner Nicole Tuck. The couple has been dating for over a decade and its right time to have some spotlight for Tuck who is DJ Khalid’s wife to be in future as the duo got engaged in 2016 in a private ceremony. Let’s have a dig to know everything you want to know about Nicole Tuck.

Nicole tuck has a baby boy before engagement with DJ Khaled:

Tuck got pregnant in 2016 and the duo announced this news on BET awards. Later, the couple welcomed their first child named Asahd Tuck Khaled. Asahd is an Arabic name and its meaning is a lion. This star kid is executive producer of his latest album, “Grateful”. Her son is also featured in the title track “Thank you Asahd” that was all about Asahd’s talk. Her beau DJ Khaled also Snapchatted the birth of their baby boy but a lot of people considered it an intrusive act by Khaled.

Nicole Tuck owned her own business:

DJ Khaled wife to be had her own business called ABU apparel (Always Be Yourself) in the year 2011. Nicole began her clothing line to inspire modern, independent and fashion-forward people no matter their shape and size. Her clothing line was specialized in streetwear and she introduced Khaled as a brand ambassador of her brand. But due to loss, she, unfortunately, shut down her company

She is a charitable lady

Nicole Tuck has also worked as a volunteer for a lot of charity organization such as Hope for the harvest that is working for homeless people in North Carolina. She also updates her Instagram by uploading charity event photos to raise awareness.

She met with DJ Khaled when he was not a famous musician

The duo met for the first time in the early 90s at an event and they began dating immediately after the first meeting. Tuck stayed by his side from that time and they got engaged in 2016.
But in 2013, Khaled proposed Nicki Minaj in MTV show that hurt the feeling of Tuck. Later, it was revealed that it was just a publicity stunt to promote his songs which features Nicki Minaj. Nicki Minaj called it a silly prank and said he is like my brother and he is not serious with that proposal. They have been together 14 years and shared one child.

She has a graduation and post-graduation degree.

Nicole Tuck belongs to an affluent family. According to LinkedIn, she completed her graduation from Marymount Manhattan College in Fine Arts while she earned her post-graduation degree from Fordham University in business administration.


It is said that behind every successful woman is a woman and it would be a prime example when DJ Khaled’s wife to be will get marry with the most prominent and famous singer of all time, DJ Khaled. Currently, she is his business manager and living a happy life with her beau and son.

Top 4 latest free photo editing software 2020

Usually, free photo editing software is open source with no too much restrictions. The good thing is that novice, as well as experts, can use it in order to gain more experience and build their career. Moreover, you can edit your favorite photos and create stunning social media posts. Today, you can discover the free photo editors that help you to edit photos, create animated GIFs and making a photo collage. Let’s get into it!

Table of content:

  • PhotoScape
  • Photo Pos Pro
  • Fotor
  • Pixlr X


PhotoScape considered as one of the best tools for beginners because it is very simple to use and understand. All you need to go to the main menu to access its features including photo conversion, image merging, GIF creation, and image splitting. It is very basic photo editing software that is easy to navigate that is available for free of cost. It also lets you add filters and effects to make your photos more eye-catchy and alluring.

Photo Pos Pro:

Photo Pos Pro is good for novice and skilled users because it offers two different interfaces, a basic interface is for the novice while another interface has advanced features (layers, masks) and good for experts. The best part is that there are basic and advanced tools are available like you can erase blemishes with the help of clone brush and give your photos a feel with the filters and effects. It has a very interface that anyone can use.


Fotor is not a manual photo editing software whereas it is photo enhancing tool. It offers you advanced features like clone brushes, a number of high-end filters, tilt-shifting, healing tool and tons of visual effects that create the Instagram-esque photos. Moreover, you can also change the curves and levels with the help of advanced tools. It is a good tool for combining multiple photos and make it a perfect collage. The good thing is that it has convenient one-tap options that make it easy to use, navigate and understand.

Pixlr X:

Pixlr X is a successor of Pixlr editor that is free photo editing software. But it has more advanced features and runs with HTML5 rather than Flash like Pixlr. This is an advanced photo editing tool that has resemblance with Adobe Photoshop Express. It offers you to change color & saturation, sharpen & blur, make photo collage by combining multiple pics and apply a different type of effects. But if you compare it with Pixlr then you will see this photo editor is not offering a huge toolbar. Moreover, it doesn’t offer the pencil tools, the creation of a new image, use layers, healing tool, and paint brushes. If you have red eyes in the photo, you can’t fix it using this tool. But you can make these changes like change saturation and hues, blur & sharpen images, apply different painting effects and combine a lot of photos.  It is not only good for experts due to its advanced features but also has a stylish design.

Dave Chappelle’s net worth in 2018: How much is Dave fortune?

Dave Chappelle is famous as stand-up comedian and actor who got the utmost success in the world of entertainment. Dave has also worked as a producer and a writer in the film industry. His career choice comes as an utmost surprise to his parents as they work as educationists. Although, they supported his son that has led him to become a successful and richest comedian in the world. Now, he is enjoying his financial success with a whopping net worth of $42 million. His fans want to know how he becomes so affluent. In this post, we will discuss Dave Chappelle’s net worth and the reason behind his financial success.

Early life and education:

Dave had a great interest in comic books when he was the child. His interest in comedy has led him to learn it from his early age. He was born in Washington D.C. but after their parents’ divorce, he moved to another city with his mother. He used to meet his father at his house on weekend. He got admission in Woodlin Elementary School. Later, he completed his graduation in theatre arts from Duke Ellington School of the Arts.


Dave Chappelle started his career from theatre as a comedian. But later, he entered in the film and TV industry and appeared in many movies as an actor. His first movie was released in 1993 in which he played the role of ‘Ahnchoo’ that got huge success. In the year 1996, he was the part of the blockbuster movie “The Nutty Professor”. His other hit movies are “Con Air”, “Half-Baked”, “Blue Streak” and “Undercover Brother”. He also appeared on “Comic Relief VI” which was aired on HBO. He was the youngest comedian who has appeared on HBO comic show in 1994 as he was just 19 years old teenager. During the years 2003-2006, he got his own show named ‘Chappelle’s show’ on the comedy central. But he was not happy with the direction of this show and he left the show in the third season. He remained out of the limelight for many years and after seven years he appeared at the comedy cellar in New York City.

Net worth:

Dave Chappelle’s net worth in the year 2018 is $42 million and his latest deal with Netflix of whopping $60 million. He has been a great source of joy and laughter on TV since 2002 as Chappelle’s show was his greatest credit in the comedy circuits. When he debuted his comedy career, he was paid $5 million per season in the year 2005 for his TV show. The man who was booed off stage becomes the richest comedian of the world. His acting career also helped him to get this ludicrous net worth as his debut movie alone made $129 million in the year 1993.


Dave Chappelle’s net worth is becoming humongous day by day as he has also signed a deal with Netflix too apart from his acting and comedian work. He will deliver 3 stand-up comedy special for $60 million. It the biggest deal ever paid to any comedian in the world for any medium.

Effective Ways to Get More Playlist Followers on Spotify

Spotify is a music streaming platform that is available to anyone. Here millions of soundtracks are uploaded by talented artists from all around the world. But this platform is growing day by day and the competition to get vicious. If you want to become Spotify tastemaker then your ultimate goal should be created the playlists that are played by too many people. In order to grow more playlist followers on Spotify, all you need to promote the right strategies and implementation. Playlisting is a great strategy to gain enormous followers. Today, let’s talk about it either it is easy to generate your own playlist and become a household name in a short period of time or not?

Discover and Enroll in Playlisting Websites:

There are a lot of website and curator’s networks that are designed for playlist promotion such as Sound plate and For instance, collaborates with the application that is available on iOS and Android. The name of this application is ‘Playlist a Day’ which gives the listeners random playlist on Spotify based on the music genre they have selected. You can also add your playlist here and you can get new followers each day.

Use the “Playlist Exchange” Feature:

Spotify is a platform where you can share your playlists with your followers with a brief description of your music genre, theme, passion, etc. Make sure that you have tagged relevant keywords and genres with it because it helps you to reach a whole new audience on this biggest platform.

Get in Touch with Other Playlist-Makers:

If you want to grow the popularity of your playlist then all you need to build a network with other playlist makers within your niche. Do in-depth research and find out what are the favorite artist of your fans. Get in touch with these artists and music bands and ask for collaboration.

Post Your Playlist on Reddit:

Reddit is the front page of the internet where you can discuss your music in the music subreddit especially ‘Spotify playlists’. On this subreddit, best playlists get to give away in the competition. All you need to do is link your playlist with this subreddit. You will notice that you will get more organic traffic on your playlist instantly as Reddit is the most ranked site in Google and the engagement of redditor can make anything go viral. 

Stay Consistent, and Keep Creating Content:

What’s make you more successful Spotify tastemaker either it’s a talent or good luck? The answer is that you need to be consistent and keep creating high-quality music to win this content. Choose the theme of music to get more advantage. You should follow the strategy for creating music content on a regular basis. Also, buy Spotify followers to gain tons of followers in no time.

Final Words:

Spotify offers you a great platform to showcase your skills. All you need to stay active and stay consistent to promote your music on Spotify. Plus, buying Spotify followers is a great idea to gain more followers and exposure.

5 Benefits You Can Get After Making A Twitter Profile

Many years ago, it was impossible to meet the world’s greatest scholars and hear about their perspectives openly. In the past times, one who was wealthy enough can travel the whole world and talk to great scholars. This way, it has taken your whole life.

But, today, because of Twitter, you can read the thought of the world’s great scholars on the current issues relating to arts, business, politics, and technology. You can learn about all the human achievements at your fingertips.

On Twitter, you can learn and see new things that you had never read or seen before. There are a lot of benefits you can get after making a Twitter profile which people misunderstood some times.

Strong networking among the people

It is essential and beneficial to build a strong social network in your life whether you are a teacher, a housewife, CEO of a firm, or a blogger. This is the main goal of Twitter. Through this social networking, you get to know about a lot of people. You have got an opportunity to buy twitter followers cheap who are interactive and share your thoughts with the people across the whole world. Regularly check your account build a strong social network with your followers, and maximize the potential Twitter is offering you.

News from the whole world

If you have an account on Twitter and you are living a very busy life. Then, probably you will not have enough time to sit in front of the TV and watch the news. Twitter is just a single tap away; you can see all the news about current issues on Twitter while you are coming back from your office or your school. Secondly, you will know about the news on Twitter first even before it is broadcasted on the news channel.

Twitter will let you know what people are thinking

One interesting thing you can find out on Twitter is what people are thinking at the moment. For instance, a politician wants to know what people think about him. He will conduct an instant poll on any interesting topic and will be able to know what people think about him.

A chance for self-expression

A basic human need is self-expression. The best way to express your self is through communication or by creating something. Twitter can be your best therapist. Don’t get afraid to say what you are thinking at the moment. Someone somewhere will be reading your tweets; your voice will be heard on this platform.


Once in a while, everyone deserves a good laugh. Twitter can be a fun place. You can go through the funny stuff on Twitter from the standup comics, celebrity meltdown, funny pictures, and many more. Twitter will surely develop a good sense of humor. So, don’t limit yourself just by writing on inanimate objects and pets. Think out of the box and make jokes on little things for entertainment.


The Twitter phenomenon offers you a lot of benefits. No matter who you join Twitter and enjoy these benefits. Everyone likes meeting new people, and Twitter is the right place for you to do it.